How many reviews are there?
  • When I look at this recipe from the Recent Activity list:
    it says there are two reviews. Even after I click the Reviews tab, only one review (Queezle_Sister's) is shown to me.

    When I look at the list of recipes for the book:
    it says there are three reviews.

    When I click the link on the list-of-recipes page, I see one review again, but it's not the same one; it's mine instead.

    One two or three. How many reviews are there? And why can't I see them all at once?

    (I've complicated matters by correcting the spelling in the recipe title (my typo), but the problem was there before I did that.)
  • One of the reviews - the one you can't see - was left by Queezle Sister but she must have been logged out (automatically) in the midst of posting it as it appears on the recent activity list of my friends with an unidentified author. It happened to me when I was leaving a review for spicy cheese puffs during the pie and pastry shows 4 reviews but there are really only 3.

    In regards to the second issue, I had a situation where I posted a review using the Italian name of a recipe only to realize it had already been reviewed under its English title. Editing the title of my review wasn't enough, I had to re-post the review (per Andrew) so it would appear with the first. I didn't realize my review would have disappeared altogether if I'd just made the title correction.

    I've also noticed that if recipe reviews share a page number, only the 1st one posted shows if you're using the "next page" feature, even if they're for different recipes.

    Of course none of this answers your question "why" you can't see them all at once, but you're not alone in noticing some of the quirks of the site ;)
  • Yes Zosia - I get logged out automatically mid-review and that puts ghost reviews into the system!
    For some reason I am still getting logged out. Must be the old browser version I'm using?
  • Our slip is showing! I'll have a look at the quirks and see if I can't iron them out. Definitely the system doesn't expect someone to be logged out partway through a review.

    @Queezle - I'm not sure why you'd be logged out mid-review, as theoretically your session should last for quite a while. How old is your browser? Do you have any add-ons that might be blocking cookies?

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