• Here's a new place where people can report site bugs. Cookbooker is a part-time project of mine, so I can't guarantee super-speedy bug fixes, but I'll do what I can!
  • My recent activity feed shows a comment by BethNH about Zosia's twinkie bundt cake (whoo hoo what a cake), but when I looked at the recipe, her comment was absent!
  • Oh never mind - Beth's comment was put under "chatter".
  • Nothing major Andrew, but there's a discrepancy in the number of books I own between my "stats" section on the home page and the bookshelf page. Without counting them, I imagine the bookshelf page is correct and my "stats", which shows 1 more, still counts the one I deleted from my bookshelf when I gave it away.
  • I show the same problem. I don't recall deleting a book, but wouldn't swear that hasn't happened.
  • Hmm, just getting to this now. I'll have some free time this coming week, so I'll try to see what's happening. I think that sometimes a book addition or deletion gets messed up in the database and the count becomes off. I'll see what I can do. Thanks for noting it!
  • The "remove favourite member" function isn't working (for me).
  • Queazle Sister has a review of Herbed Meatballs which shows as a 3 star review on the home page, but as a five star review on the page for the recipe itself.
  • Probably my fault. When I went to review, I somehow saved the review without modifying the "star" rating. I then went back to move it to its clearly earned "5" rating. I think the system captures the first version for the home page, not the edited version.

    You should try those meatballs. Maybe I just don't eat enough meatballs, but they were phenomenal.
  • Yes, that's not exactly a bug, but rather the way we capture the front page (and emailed) information. When you first write a review it makes a separate copy of the information so it can email it to anyone who's signed up for email notifications. Of course, if you edit later, it doesn't know that. It's something we may just leave as it is for now, because you wouldn't want to receive more than one email from the same recipe if someone keeps going in and making edits to their review...

    I do like meatballs... I'll have to try these out!
  • @kateq: thanks for finding that bug. It's fixed now. It has been lurking there for some time, I think!
  • @andrew, this mis-starring thing is quite misleading. I noticed the meatballs problem yesterday. Thought I'd report it this morning, but find kateq has already been here.

    When I look at the front page, I might say, Oh 3-star meatballs, don't need to look further. In general, I tend to read all the 4- and 5-star reviews but may skip others, depending on my time, whether I have the cookbook, or the phase of the moon.

    Hope you'll consider discovering a way to have the home page information up-to-date. :-)
  • As a simple work-around, when I make a big mistake in my star rating, can I delete the review, and then re-review? Would the system "see" the replaced review?

    Perhaps I need to NOT review when I am so tired, but if not then, I fear I'd never get around to it.
  • @queezle - this would work, but I think it's better that you don't delete the entire review when you just want to change something small. I just have to program it so that an edit also goes on the 'Recent Activity' stream. I thought this might be an issue, but maybe if it just said something like 'Queezle Sister updated her review for Chicken Kapmana...' then it would be clear to people what had happened.
  • OK, thanks. I'll mostly try to make fewer errors! :-\"

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