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Lemon Bars

Page 158

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9th February 2009

jane warren

Lemon Bars
I started making these almost twenty years ago, sending a tray into my husband’s office as a treat. They were so well liked that I continue to get requests. And it so very easy that I don’t mind throwing together a tray at a moments notice.
The recipe calls for a 9”x9” pan but I will regularly make this in a circular spring form pan and serve in slices at a dinner party. It makes a snappy desert when served with a light raspberry coulis and a few fresh berries.
My modifications: I like this a bit more tart than the recipe indicates. So I will always add the juice of one small lime as well. And for color I will add the grated lime of the lime rind to the grated lemon rind.
Note: If serving as a fancy desert, only dust the top with icing sugar immediately before serving. Otherwise it soaks into the top of the tart and does not look as pretty.

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