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Recipes: A Quintet Of Cuisines

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30th April 2014


Reviewing both the hardback and the recipe book ...

My recipes book is marked as published in 1970, revised in 197, and reprinted in 1975.

This is a bit the odd book out in the series, covering five different cuisines. At least for the Dutch part (actually the Low Countries, including Belgium and Luxembourg), the survey seemed to me very shallow. North African cooking (Tunisia, Algerian, and Morocco) has been trendy lately and the food is especially delicious, so it's a shame to see that area slighted; it could have used a book of its own imho.

Most of the writing read like magazine articles from the old Gourmet magazine, travelogs very author-centric. As a whole, I enjoyed the food I made, but didn't especially enjoy the read.

(edited 30th April 2014) report

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