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Pressure Cooker Perfection

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7th February 2014

foodiewife from Monterey, CA

I've been using a pressure cooker for at least 15 years, and I love it. I started with a stovetop model, but moved on to an Electric Pressure Cooker. Mine is a Cook's Essentials 8-Quart oval model, which is no longer made. It's a shame, because I can easily fit a whole chicken in it. So, the book gives highest raves to a stove top pressure cooker. I disagree, because I love the non-stick feature of mine, that I can easily brown meats in it...and I can just walk away. So there, ATK!
I wasn't wowed with ALL of the recipes, and disappointed there weren't any dessert recipes. Sigh.
I have bookmarked a few recipes that I definitely will "Rustic French Pork and White Bean Stew" , Pork Vindaloo, Macaroni & Cheese (I'm curious), Creamy Mushroom Sauce, Cuban-Style Beef with Onions and Bell Peppers, Asian-Style Boneless Beef Short Ribs, Whole Chicken with Rosemary and Lemon Sauce, Kalua Style Pork, Parmesan Risotto... well, there are many more.
Tonight, I made the Pork Ragu, which was fantastic and very easy to do. If the rest of the recipes are as good as this one, then the $12.00 for the kindle version was a bargain!
I also like that every single recipe has a photo, so I can visualize what the dish will look like. The photos are beautifully done, too.
UPDATE: I'm having a love affair with this, Kindle edition. Four recipes later, I'm pretty happy with the recipes I've made (and reviewed here).

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