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The Baby-led Weaning Cookbook: Over 130 delicious recipes for the whole family to enjoy

The Baby-led Weaning Cookbook: Over 130 delicious recipes for the whole family to enjoy: member book reviews (Single Review Display)

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13th September 2015

friederike from Berlin,

I haven't used it a lot yet, but so far it looks both interesting and useful.

One thing I would have hoped for would have been a chapter on 'first foods' - it seems easier to stick to single ingredients for the first few weeks (or at least days), plus I've read somewhere that it's beneficial as the baby will learn to differentiate individual ingredients. But most importantly I find it difficult to find foods I can give him that are soft enough to let him chew them, but not at the same time too slippery to make it hard to grasp them.

Another thing I'm missing is more information on and more guidance regarding the possibility of an iron deficit. Granted, there is a chapter on nutrition in the beginning of the book that states that most breads and cereals in the UK are fortified with iron - but that alone is not enough. For one point, the book is also sold outside of the UK (and as far as I know, breads and cereals aren't fortified in the NL). Even then, fortified breads and cereals count for nothing if your child doesn't eat them (cereals at least are really difficult for a baby on baby-led weaning; I really don't expect a baby of less than nine months to eat a lot of them, definitely not as much as a spoon-fed one). And last, milk inhibits the intake of iron, and yet there are so many recipes that contain milk (even the few recipes with oatmeal) while Vitamin C, which is necessary for the absorption of non-haem iron, is often is not part of the dish.

I might attempt to review every single recipe in this book; forgive me, then, for reviewing even silly recipes like French Toast and the like.

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