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November 5th, 2012

apple dappy from Cinnamon, Spice, & Warm Apple Pie: Comforting Baked Fruit Desserts for Chilly Days

Aside from the great name (apple dappy apple dappy apple dappy), this is a very tasty recipe. It's easy to put together. It tastes sort of like a cobbler, but in the form of a dessert roll. I'd suggest... read more >

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A Taste of the Tropics: Traditional and Innovative Cooking from the Pacific and Caribbean

By Jay Solomon
Crossing Press - 1992

29th December 2010

Jamaican Beef Patties : page 80

We love love love this recipe. There's something about turmeric and curry that is just so tasty. Its a great little visit to the Caribbean on a snowy winter day. I adjust the jalapeno, and even got approval from my 6 year old.

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