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Cinnamon, Spice, & Warm Apple Pie: Comforting Baked Fruit Desserts for Chilly Days

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apple dappy reviewed by lemonadesandwich

5th November 2012

Aside from the great name (apple dappy apple dappy apple dappy), this is a very tasty recipe. It's easy to put together. It tastes sort of like a cobbler, but in the form of a dessert roll. I'd suggest making the apple filling earlier and let it cool...
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strawberry meringue roulade reviewed by lemonadesandwich

11th August 2011

This is a wonderful variation on strawberry shortcake using a meringue instead of shortcake. It was so good - the meringue was simple to make, although it crumbled a lot. I'm not sure that the instruction to let it cool while rolled in a towel is a...
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Cherry & Ricotta Strudel reviewed by lemonadesandwich

29th June 2011

I really wanted this to be good. I made my own ricotta, I sepnt ages pitting and slicing cherries, I used phyllo dough and lots of butter. But it just didn't work as well together as all of the component parts. There was too much filling for the...
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