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May 28th, 2012

Superfood Chia Chili from The Thrive Diet: Whole Foods to Thrive

Raw food still baffles me sometimes. This recipe sounded gross, but when all the ingedients were literally just thrown in a bowl and stirred together, I wound up with a totally tastey raw chili. Much lighter... read more >

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Caribbean Vegan: Meat-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free Authentic Island Cuisine for Every Occasion

By Taymer Mason
The Experiment - 2010

17th February 2012

Bajan Macaroni Pie with Tofu Cheddar : page 124

Made in three parts. The tofu cheddar, a cheesy roux, and the pasta, mix together and bake. The roux seemed super thick to me. Not sure if it was my mistake or there was too much flour listed in the recipe. Either way, it didn't matter and the pasta was awesome. A very grown up take on Mac & Cheeze with lots of Caribbean flavour.

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7th July 2011

Bajan Pepper Sauce : page 23

The front of this book is filled with Caribbean seasonings that are super easy and fun to make. You throw a huge list of indredients into a food processor and you put it in a jar and it's on hand for your recipes for the next year!

This sauce is very hot! I couldn't find any scotch bonnets or habenero peppers so I just subbed in the hottest peppers I could find at the store. Since I'm a wimp, this sauce turned out plenty hot enough for me, but really yummy and full of flavour.

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5th July 2011 (edited: 5th July 2011)

Coconut Rice : page 140

Great recipe with lots of flavours. It calls for 2 1/4 cups of coconut milk, but a can of milk gives you a little less than 2 cups so I subbed the rest with water and it was still super creamy. I also used brown rice with this instead of white so I added another 1/4 cup of water and it took more like 35 or 40 minutes to cook.

It also says to put the chopped fresh herbs in and cook it with the rice, but the next time I make this they will go in near the end so they look a little fresher.

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7th July 2011 (edited: 7th July 2011)

Eggy Tofu Open-Faced Sandwiches : page 170

This is a Caribbean twist on egg salad sandwich. The twist? Why heat of course. I got to use my freshly made Bajan Pepper Sauce in this as well as lots of minced pickles, peppers, and chiles to go in the tofu mixture. It was really delicious and easy to fiddle with to get the right amount of heat for your personal preference.

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11th July 2011

Fried Plantains : page 161

My first plantain! Plantains are not readily available here and when you do see them, they tend to be a little worse for wear. So when I saw these perfect plantains yesterday I jumped on them (not really, then they would be squished) and ran home to fry them up. So good! I paired it with my spicy tofu scramble and the sweetness goes really well with the heat from the other dish.

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11th July 2011

Hearts of Palm and Tofu Scramble : page 55

Some really great flavour combos here. This was my first hearts of palm experience and I really liked them. They have a nice soft texture and flavour that goes well in a scramble. I did change a couple things for this. I crumbled the tofu instead of frying it in cubes for a more "traditional" scramble. Used roasted red peppers instead of tomato, and didn't have any vegan Worcestershire sauce to add either. And it was awesome! It could have been a touch spicier, but this was my light hand's fault, not the recipe.

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17th February 2012

Rum Punch : page 223

This stuff is dangerous. It has a ton of rum in it, but goes down like water. Super delicious and I definitely recommend getting the bitters.

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