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October 24th, 2020

Popover Pizza Casserole from Betty Crocker

We enjoyed this, it gets a smiley face. Filling, but could use a can of mushrooms or something thrown in. read more >

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Biggest Book of Casseroles (Better Homes & Gardens)

By Better Homes and Gardens, Tricia Laning
Better Homes and Gardens - 2005

5th December 2015

Creamy Macaroni & Cheese Ham Bake : page 208

Ah. Mac & Cheese. Easy to screw up, though.

This recipe says you could make it with ham or chicken. I made this solely because I had 8 ounces of chicken and some cottage cheese that needed using, and the chicken was tasteless and kind of rubbery.

As for the remainder of the recipe, it could really benefit from some ham. I liked the bread crumb topping. Perhaps even sausage would liven it up a bit. Not a bad recipe, and since I only used it because I needed to use up ingredients, ok there I suppose.

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26th December 2017

Ham-Sauerkraut Casserole : page 213

This was HIDEOUS and disgusting. Edible the first night, but barely. Couldn't stand to eat the leftovers.

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23rd December 2017

Hamburger Pie : page 140

Boring and needed more flavor, but easy to prepare even if I did have to peel and boil potatoes. Still, doesn't get a mark to make again.

I find these recipes in this book to be on the boring, bland side. I LOVE a good, comforting casserole but these seem to be more hit than miss!

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8th December 2015

Nacho Turkey Casserole : page 323

Tired of turkey sandwiches, I used the last 4 cups in this casserole. Something weird about putting salsa on turkey, though, and the flavors just didn't work. I don't think it was because I was sick of turkey, but the casserole will not be made again in this household. As it was edible, though, I give it 2 stars.

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