Cookbooks on Kindle?
  • Does anyone buy and use cookbooks on Kindle? I suppose if you read on an tablet it might work, but can't imagine cooking from the Kindle.
    I've recently reread Supper of the Lamb on Kindle. It's interesting that you can mail yourself you list of "notes", highlighted text, and that includes page numbers in the real book.
    Might be interesting to print a recipe -- I suppose this can be done from a tablet, but I don't have one of those. Maybe it would work with the Kindle app for computers. I didn't enjoy reading from that at all, but maybe it has a use.
  • I sometimes use an iPad for cooking (and sometimes even my phone - yikes), but I cannot imagine using a Kindle. I often print recipes.
  • Print from Kindle or from iPad? I did a brief search for a print-from-kindle how-to, but didn't turn up anything. Maybe I need to buy myself a Kindle Fire next time they go on a good sale. Or better, I could reinstate the Kindle-for-computers app. Printing might be a good use for that.
  • Print from iPad (or phone), sorry (I don't own any cookbooks for Kindle).

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