what's the matter with the searchbox?
  • Since a few days weeks/weeks I have not been able to use the search box on the home page.
    Whereas before, I could easily search my own books or recipes, I now get "No Cookbook. Sorry, but there is no cookbook with this ID. Please use the Search to find recipes and cookbooks", even when I use a search term that I'm sure is there in both recipes and cookbooks (such as "fast"). If I use the "search" suggested in that page, I search everybody's cookbooks not my own.
    I can still search from my own bookshelf, but I still would like to know what's the matter here.
  • Its working OK for me. I just searched "grain" and it came up with both recipes and cookbooks.
  • I'm having the same difficulty as wester with this search function.

    I'm also having a problem with links on the cookbooker challenge page......when I click on a recipe in the "recent reviews" column, I get the "404 not found" page. The links to the "recipes reviewed" column, the comprehensive list that's arranged alphabetically, do work.
  • I am still able to do a general search - e.g. desserts - brings up recipes and cookbooks. But I agree that the challenge page - the recipes of recently reviewed do not link up to the reviews.
  • Oops - sorry, I missed this discussion last week. I'll have a look today and see what I can find out. Odd that it's working for some people and not others.

    I was doing some work on it to try to upgrade it, but I shouldn't have changed the current files...
  • Okay, both errors are fixed now. Thanks for flagging them!

    I was trying to implement an 'auto-complete' function on the search box but was having problems getting it to work and postponed it until later. Unfortunately I neglected to remove some of the non-working code, which messed up the regular search. Every time you try to improve something, the odds of breaking something else go up!
  • Thank you @andrew, both for fixing the error and for the ongoing work on this site!
  • Both are working now for me.......thank you for fixing them.

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