• Is anyone familiar with the site Chow? They host a monthly cookbook discussion (the archive is here) which is turning up some good books and recipe discussions. I like the way they group chapters or topics into separate discussions. Makes it a bit easier to wade through lots of info. (Maybe Cookbooker could do something like this? )
    If I sign up for the site, am I going to be inundated with junk mail?
  • I read Chow, and have consulted their cookbook discussions, and even participated once. I don't think I get any junk email from them, maybe no email at all. There are posted questions that can be useful - e.g. advice on how to buy a tagine.

    The other site I like to look at is serious eats. I find the site difficult to navigate, but they have a column called cook the book, which features recipes from cookbooks (and cookbook give-aways)! I even won a cookbook from them.
  • QS, I too won a cookbook from Serious Eats. I do like that site. I've heard of Chow but haven't participated there.
  • Chow is a good site. I've spent time there too - great for restaurant recommendations when you're visiting to a new city. I'll be in Boston in March and I'm looking forward to hitting Flour Bakery and some funky restaurants, and will definitely check Chow beforehand.
  • I have loved Chow ever since it was a print magazine, which it was briefly and long, long ago. I get their daily recipe email and the weekly round-up of their discussion boards. I have never been spammed by them or by anyone identifiably connected to them.

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