Day of Pi(e)
  • March 14th is Day of Pi (3,1415... and so on) - will anybody join me in making a pie that day? :)
  • I definitely will....I have several recipes flagged in The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook, just haven't decided which one to make.

    There's currently a contest at Serious Eats
  • oh--fun! I will too.
  • With a son who is nuts about math, we will definitely join you. I think my son knows pi to about 400 decimal places.
    Lets all put Pi as one of our tags so we can easily follow this - year to year. Great idea, Friederike.
  • Um, in this part of the universe dates are ordered d/m/y. Unfortunately there are only 30 days in April. I have explained this to hubby, who is quite happy to pretend to be American for the day if it gets him a pie!
  • Ha, I'm not American either, but that date is just too much fun to miss. Yes, let's do a tag Pi. Have you all already decided which pies you will make? I was really impressed by the pies in the seriouseats contests of the past few years! I'm not going to aspire that much!
  • I'm thinking of doing the little blueberry pies from Nigel Slater's Tender - see my recipe review.

    I am assuming that the Bureau of Meteorology are correct in predicting that the heat wave will be over by Thursday, otherwise it's going to have to be something involving Charmaine Solomon's no roll pastry in which case it'll really be more of a tart.
  • We're making coconut cream pie from Ken Haedrich's Pie.
  • Couldn't decide between sweet and savoury so am making both.....blackberry crostata and carrot-leek-goat cheese hand pies from Dahlia Bakery Cookbook.
  • Heat wave? Around here it hasn't been as cold since 1928!
    We'll be making a Spanish peppers and chorizo pie from Pie; I would have liked to make a very classic English pie (fish pie, or beef and ale pie, or something like that), but unfortunately we don't have time for that during the week (work).
  • I'm thinking about making a pizza pie.
  • I tagged my review Pi - any other reviews yet?
  • I've just added (and tagged as Pi) mine....
  • Tagged mine, too.
  • My reviews are in -- I made Pumpkin and Apple Pies from Maida Heatter's Pies and Tarts and Pecan Pie from Dorie Greenspan. I also went back and added a "pi" tag to my earlier review of the Flaky Cream Cheese Pastry from the Pie and Pastry Bible, which is what I used for all the pies. Pi Day was a great success!
  • I agree, it was great fun, thanks to you all for joining!
  • btw, july 22 (22/7) is a sort of secondary pi day -- we'll have to do this again

    Hmm... Does it mean we may only make an approximation of pie? :)
  • I guess we make freeform tarts on that day.
  • My math-minded son likes this idea very much. I really enjoyed reading all your reviews. I like these informal efforts to honor the seasons.
  • I have to make one more pie before the next Pi day. My son, who is away at college, was dismayed that his dining hall did not serve pie on Pi day. I promised him a pie next week while he's home for spring break.
  • Looking forward to more pie reviews!
    If the weather this July is the same as last year - a humid 45C - you can expect an ice cream pie with a no-bake crust from me!

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