2017 IACP Cookbook Award Winners
  • I have one book from that list--and not the big winner. Should I have Deep Run Roots? Has anyone cooked from it?
    Two people have it on their shelves, and there are three 5* recipe reviews from @southerncooker.
  • I joined Food52's Facebook cookbook club and we are cooking from Deep Run Roots this month (March). I've enjoyed all the recipes I've tried so far. Some of the members weren't to happy with the pick. They said more of the recipes in the book are geared towards summer foods. While there are lots of recipes using fresh fruits and veggies there are also other recipes using things like collards, carrots, beets and rutabagas.

    The book has lots of interesting reading in it. I loved watching her A Chef's Life on PBS and there are lots of information in there that I saw on the show.

    In the morning I'm making Stewed Tomatoes Shirred Eggs with Country Ham Chips and for supper tomorrow night a honey and sage roasted pork loin with slab bacon roasted rutabagas. To go with Collards cooked with a ham hock and they I'm doing creamed collards with pickled stems from part of them for daughter and I to try. For dessert a cornmeal cookie topped fruit cobbler. I'm using strawberries instead of blueberries since they had some nice ones for sale this week. The cobbler calls for blueberries but Howard says she's used all kinds of berries in this recipe. Next Sat. I'm trying the baked pimento cheese with sausage. Next month we're cooking from Simple by Diana Henry.
  • That sounds like some seriously good cooking! I'll have to check out the book. I love Simple (as well as other Diana Henry books)--have made some good dishes which I haven't gotten around to reviewing yet. Also have a number of recipes on my to-do list.
  • This looks like a great list.
    Long time since I've been here - I am hopping to be a participatory member again!
  • Yay! Welcome back....
  • Thanks.... I also like to weave in my spare time, and have been hitting that pretty hard these past couple years.

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