Andrew here: ending/transferring Cookbooker
  • Hi everyone:
    As you'll have noticed, although Cookbooker is still running, I have not been maintaining the site at all (I just saw your posts that there's a photo uploading issue, for example). I'm moving on and I'm not going to be able to keep the site running any longer after the end of 2018. If anybody who's still using it would be interested in taking over the site (the hosting is a very reasonable $7 USD per month), please let me know. I'm happy to transfer the domain name and hosting account. You can email me at and we can chat about options. Maybe a couple of you would split it if you still want to use it?

  • I've happy to chip in for maintaining the site if I'm not the only one. Don't especially want to be the official owner and am not set up for hosting, software, etc.

  • Same here.
  • Thanks for responding. I'll see if anyone else chimes in over the next little while. I suppose one option if nobody wants to take on the hosting is that I could set up a Patreon for people to subscribe to; then it would keep the hosting account funded. If it was enough, I could even remove the ads for members as they don't generate much at all any more (if I remember how to program this!).
  • I would also contribute to the maintenance of the site, but am clueless about what would be involved beyond that.
  • I would also contribute, but I don't live in the US or Canada, so I don't know how easy transferring the site would be while keeping the same host. I think a Patreon account looks like a good idea.

    By the way, a while ago I looked up when the first review ever was posted, and if I'm not mistaken, it was this week ten years ago. Happy birthday, Cookbooker!
  • I would be willing to contribute too.
  • Thanks for commenting, everyone! I'm going to give Patreon a shot and see if it works out. I'm posting the link here and I'll also email regular site users separately in case some people don't use the forum.

    And @friederike - 10 years is a surprise! Happy Birthday indeed. I'll have to search up a cake recipe!
  • It seems there are at least five of us---is $10 a month what's needed? Is it possible for each of us to pledge $2 per month? I'm willing.....
  • $10 per month will cover hosting and domain registration indefinitely, so yes if 5 people pitch in $2 each that will do it. Several of you have already signed up and we're getting close. A couple more should do it!
  • I'm signed up.
  • Andrew, at Patreon it shows you've got one $1 contributor and four $2 contributors. That makes $9 monthly, but on the left it shows only $8 of $10 have been pledged. What's up?
  • I saw that too. I believe that since they take a small cut of the fees the amount there is what I’ll actually receive vs what’s been pledged. Thanks to everyone who’s contributed! I’m inspired to spend a little time and see if I can find out why the images are not being accepted.

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