• cadfael
    Hi Been off site for awhile. Was diagnosed with cancer end of April and have been receiving chemo. Ended up in hospital three times with crashing blood counts. Chemo is ending and Ill have a couple week reprieve and then a few months of radiation. Here's a problem I thought some of you might have suggestions for. My taste buds are off, there's a constant metal taste, and because of chemo related side effects and constant antibiotics for the infections, I have bad thrush and mouth sores and fragile tissues. I can't have warm spice, like ginger, allspice, cloves, pepper of any kind etc it burns my mouth and sinus for hours. Can't have toast or crunchy food that tears, acidic or vinegary foods. For someone that cooked as much as I used to, I'm usually too tired to do much and my brain can't seem to put it together. I could get someone to occasionally make somethings if I can tell them what. Anyone have some food ideas or some links I could pass on to my daughter or husband?
    August 2012

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