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Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies (Tosi)


| Course Type: Cookies/Bars

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11th November 2023


This is a great recipe but docked a star here because oiling the pan did not work well for me. I baked some on a greased cookie sheet and some on parchment lined sheet. The cookies on the greased sheet burned around the edges at 8 minutes! The cookies on the parchment were much better. I will update this recipe once I have chilled the dough a bit. The milk powder and extra salt really adds a nice flavor. I love these salty sweet, perfectly chewy cookies!

I did not use a whole bag of chocolate chips.

Note: There are other versions of this recipe that calls for parchment paper, 375 (vs 350 degrees), as well as one that asks you to sprinkle these with 1/4 cup flaky salt (seems like a lot to me). Wish I knew which was actually Tosi's recipe!

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