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Blue Ribbon Breads

Cinnamon Pinwheel Crisps

Page 75

Cuisine: Eastern European | Course Type: Breads

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6th November 2011

Peckish Sister from Central, FL

If you like Elephant Ears, you will love this mini- elephant ear version. I have been baking a version of this recipe for 24 years. I don’t make it very often, but it is great for a special occasion. This time I made a double batch for a bake sale. It is such buttery dough, that I kept the formed roll in the refrigerator at all times, except for the part I was rolling out. Instead of using half dark brown sugar and half white for the filling and for rolling, I substituted an equal amount of light brown sugar. I always have trouble with running out of the sugar cinnamon mixture for rolling out the crisps and with a double batch, it emphasized that for me. So I tried using just enough so that the dough did stick a little as apposed to seeing how much sugar I could make stick – the results were very different. With as much sugar as possible, they could be rolled out thinner, were very crispy, covered with a delightful layer of melted sugar but the cinnamon swirl going through the center could not really be visualized. Also, it was imperative to use parchment to keep them from burning, repeated scrubbing your pan, etc. I found I really liked the less sugary version, they were thicker, but you could actually taste the flakey pastry and it still did taste sweet enough.

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