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Biscuits (The Good Cook Series)

Bath Oliver Biscuits

Page 161

Cuisine: English/Scottish | Course Type: Cookies/Bars

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13th November 2011

The Ducks Guts from Melbourne, Vic

This was the recipe I was looking for, in an attempt to make water crackers. They were very plain and crunchy, most suitable for cheese.

The pasta maker was a necessary piece of equipment in making them, as otherwise a lot of time would have been spent rolling and re-rolling the mixture. The instructions said to fold and roll 8 or 9 times, just like puff pastry, but instead the pasta machine did the trick, just putting it through like pasta dough until it was smooth.

The first batch I rolled to the second thinnest setting on my machine, and they were perfect. Then I read the instructions, and the biscuits were suppose to be 5mm thick, so I made the next batch on the thickest setting, with the end result that they puffed up like little balloons. Interesting, but tricky to keep the cheese on.

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