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Slow Cooker Revolution

Macaroni and Cheese

Page 239

| Course Type: Main Courses

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4th February 2020

Peckish Sister from Central, FL

We serve this for Holiday dinners at the request of the guests! I make it in my slow cooker that can also saute, etc, so I make the cheese sauce in it, throw in the pasta and can forget about it.

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3rd January 2012

skdouglass from Orcutt, CA

- prep fits very nicely into my day-off routine.
- pantry items as ingredients, nothing to defrost or saute or brown or chop.
- kids snarf it up non-stop until it's gone.

- short cooking time means it has to start mid-day thus disqualifying it for a workday supper.
- texture isn't anything to write home about. But then you weren't planning to serve it to company. Were you? I've tried a variety of pasta shapes to overcome this - no dice.

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