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Betty Crocker's New Cookbook: Everything You Need to Know to Cook (8th Ed.)

Coconut Cream Pie

Page 103

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14th February 2009

jane warren

If you like cream pies (I don't) this is a good one I'm told. I get requests to make it again and again. I will occasionally change it up and use the banana creme pie variation, included at the bottom and that works well too.
Caveat: For my money, creme pies should not be made with the traditional North American, crisco-type pie crust. Some folks have a sweet tooth and like the graham cracker type crusts with these. But for my time and effort the crust and the filling compete too much and it doesn't work. Also (sheepish grin) we can't get graham crackers in Europe without great effort or expense so it's al rather moot. But still, if you can find a good British short-crust recipe that uses butter in the pastry, then you'll have a very nice combo. I suggest finding one by James Martin if you can find one. EVERY dessert he makes, works. Delia Smith is an okay second choice.

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