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Amaretto, Apple Cake and Artichokes: The Best of Anna Del Conte

meat and potato pie

Page 153

Cuisine: Italian | Course Type: Main Courses

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26th May 2010

weaponxgirl from norwich,

another recipe that looked nice with techniques that id never tried. this was mainly the fact that the beef and pork are stewed in red wine and milk. the flavours are really deep and probably more suited to winter, the only reason that i didnt give this 5 stars is that the meat was still a bit chewy. this though could be down to my oven and hobs being great for high heats but rubbish for a simmer. Im planning to buy a simmer matt and put it on earlier in the day to see if i can get a melt in your mouth meat. if i do i may re review this in the winter.

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