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Amaretto, Apple Cake and Artichokes: The Best of Anna Del Conte

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baked pasta with aubergine reviewed by weaponxgirl

28th May 2010

this is a classy version of cheesy pasta bake with aubergine. this dish is a bit time consuming and did use nearly every pan in the house and every hob. really good but you do need a while to prepair it so make sure your not feeling harrased when you...
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meat and potato pie reviewed by weaponxgirl

26th May 2010

another recipe that looked nice with techniques that id never tried. this was mainly the fact that the beef and pork are stewed in red wine and milk. the flavours are really deep and probably more suited to winter, the only reason that i didnt give this...
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chicken with vinigar and herbs reviewed by weaponxgirl

25th May 2010

This seems like a weird way to cook chicken, using an awful lot of vinegar in the process but it turns out lovely. Halfway through cooking when you taste the dish it seemed very tart and I was a bit worried but the information to finish the sauce off...
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