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The Eating Well Rush Hour Cookbook: Healthy Meals for Busy Cooks

Romaine Salad with Garlic Dressing

Page 86

| Course Type: Salads

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21st July 2015


A very nice salad, a bit different from what I make everyday.
- I made half recipe.
- Uses an impressive amount of garlic, but it's cooked so the taste changes.
- I used my staff mixer to whiz the dressing, including the cooked garlic and all the anchovies. There are three anchovies asked for a half recipe, two to be whizzed and one to be included in the salad. Three was borderline too anchovy-y. Two big ones or three small ones might be better.
- I shaved some parmesan rather than grating it.
Can see doing this salad again when you want something a bit special.

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