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Za'atar Chicken Cutlets and Lemon-Parsley Salad


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28th August 2017


Easy to make and tasty. I made a half recipe with two kip filets. Used piment d'Esplette in place of Aleppo pepper.
Stir together the flour-za'atar mixture for dipping the chicken, make the salad, prep the za'atar-walnut mixture for the topping, get the pomegranate molasses out, heat some oil in a skillet. Beat a kip filet till thin, dip it in the za'atar mixture, fry it, plate it, drizzle on the molasses, plop some salad on, and sprinkle with the nut mixture and you're ready to eat. Somewhere in there, pour some boiling water over some couscous and you've got a whole meal.
I love pomegranate molasses, and carefully measured it. Maybe there could have been just a trifle less, so it's just a hint and not a wallop.

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