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A Taste of Wales

Sgadan Abergwaun

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Cuisine: Other | Course Type: Main Courses

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17th September 2017

Sovay from Northern England,

There is no separate Welsh option in Cuisine Type! Only English/Scottish (!) and Irish. So I've had to go for "Other".

Anyway this is a good recipe for herring or mackerel (I used mackerel) baked with potatoes, onion and apple. I stuck with water rather than cider and there was still plenty of flavour. I have to say I prefer herring/mackerel fried, or baked without liquid, as far as taste and texture goes, but this was delicious and didn't fill my small house with the lingering aroma of caramelised fish skin (which I love, but don't want hanging around for 2 days after I've eaten the fish).

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