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The Convenience Cook: 125 Best Recipes for Easy Homemade Meals Using Time-Saving Foods from Boxes, Bottles, Cans and More

Cheese and Hash Brown Omelet

Page 74

Cuisine: North American | Course Type: Breakfast/Brunch

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Tags: eggs omelet cheese potato

Recipe Reviews

5th December 2017


Burned the HECK out of my hand because, while I used a hot pat to pull the ovenproof skillet out of the oven -- I then grabbed a plate and FORGOT the darn thing was hot.

In my efforts to cook the book, I choose this recipe at random. I make omelets on the fly better -- the eggs had no water or milk in them (but I did add the optional hot sauce) and it's cooking method was more frittata than omelet. I found it rubbery, and the potatoes didn't crisp up as promised. It was ok, but not worth making again.

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