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Cuisine: German/Austrian/Swiss | Course Type: Main Courses

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21st October 2018

friederike from Berlin,

Not too bad. The reason why I'm giving a two star rating nonetheless is because although this recipe is actually titled "Nie wieder matschige Kartoffelpuffer! So werden sie garantiert knusprig" (something along the lines of "Floppy potato pancakes? Never again! This is how they'll get crisp, guaranteed!"), it doesn't say a word about two crucial factors: how much heat will you need, and how much fat. Admittedly, my guess is that spelling out how much fat you need would only unneccessarily heighten the risk of cardiac infarction, which is already high enough given how much fat you need for baking these pancakes - I noticed that they only turned out well if I used lots of fat, and I ended up using about half a pack of lard (ca. 125 g). I also had to add an extra egg half-way through the baking process as the pancakes kept falling apart.

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