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Flavours of the Sun

Prawn and Fish Couscous

Page 87

Cuisine: Mediterranean | Course Type: Main Courses

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16th May 2020


This is ok, but ...
- Serves 4? Don't think so. I made more or less a whole recipe. The two of us ate it all; it might stretch to 3 with a salad or some kind of side dish.
- The shrimp never get cooked per the instructions. I had frozen, cooked ones. Just put them on the sheet with the cod as it baked.
- Had some lovely, fresh green beans, so I cut them in short bits, more or less pea-sized, boiled them for a bit and used those instead of peas.
- My chicken stock was unsalted and I forgot to compensate. Thus contributing to a lack of flavor.
Interesting idea, but needs some flavor oomph.

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