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The Musical Theatre Cookbook: Recipes from Best-Loved Musicals

The Best Darned Corn Muffins You Ever Ate

Page 5

Cuisine: North American | Course Type: Breads

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Tags: corn muffins bread

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15th August 2020


These were ok. Definitely not "The best darn corn muffins I ever ate." They were more "bready" than "cornmealy" and that's sad. The Best Darn Corn Muffins I Ever Ate were those at Kenny Roger's Roasters, which are sadly gone from this country (mine was a Tuesday Morning and is now a Mission Barbecue) and I miss them SO much. I keep trying corn muffins hoping someday to spark upon something similar. These called for 1/2 cup whole wheat flour - I mean, who does that? - but I tried them out. Not a repeat make, although in all manner of things, edible and just fine, I suppose.

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