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Old Fashioned Tapioca Pudding


| Course Type: Desserts

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19th February 2022


Hmm.. I think this could be a four star recipe but I may have over done it with the egg whites. This is simple enough to put together - calling for you to separate the eggs, and whipping the whites. I believe my whites may have gone past "soft peaks" and were more like stiff peaks, so when it was folded into the pudding it gave it a curdled/cottage cheese look. These are not cooked bits of egg white but more like bits of meringue (very airy). This is indeed light and fluffy but a tiny bit too sweet for me. I may try this again without over whipping the egg whites and cutting the sugar by a couple tablespoons. Also had to put mine back on the stove for more than three minutes to get it to thicken up.

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