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Baking with Dorie: Sweet, Salty & Simple

Breakfast in Rome Lemon Cake

Page 76

| Course Type: Cakes

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16th July 2023


Hmmm... I halved the recipe and used a loaf pan, maybe that was the problem? I am rarely disappointed with Dorie's recipes but this one was a miss for me. Perhaps the the halving, perhaps I over-whipped the egg whites, perhaps there was too much egg white (the eggs seemed a little oversized) or maybe I just don't love spongey cake?? This shrunk up in the pan, lacked flavor (in spite of me using extra zest) and had a weird texture. Because I love DG and her recipes are so reliable I may try this again, then again I may just go straight to the Chunky Lemon Cornmeal cake (also from this book) which is terrific!

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