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Southern Living 1985 Annual Recipes (Southern Living Annual Recipes)

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Apple Cobbler for Two 1
Acorn Squash with Nutmet 1

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Recent Reviews

Acorn Squash with Nutmet reviewed by tignor

8th October 2020

Not terribly exciting way to cook acorn squash. I admit I never thought to add black pepper to the sweetness, just usually bake it and add cinnamon and butter. But I decided to try a recipe this time. the only problem with cutting it in quarters was that...
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Apple Cobbler for Two reviewed by tignor

7th October 2020

Had 2 apples, did a quick look-see through my cookbooks as to how to use them up because I'm tired of making A to Z bread (although that's a constant in this household). Found it! Perfect, easily made in my toaster oven. Dave is on a diet and gave me...
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