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Cook's Country Best Potluck Recipes

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Southwestern Black Bean Salad reviewed by Peckish Sister

26th August 2012

This is an amazing main dish salad for summer. I doubled this recipe and it make the perfect amount for a crowd. It is beautiful as well as tasty with fresh corn (sauteed in olive oil), scallions, avocados, tomatoes, and black beans with just the right...
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Texas Sheet Cake reviewed by Peckish Sister

18th September 2011

Deep chocolate flavor in a very moist cake. It whips up very quickly similar to a brownie and bakes in a short period of time. The roasted pecans lying on top of the icing make it as pretty as it is delicious. The directions worked perfectly and it was...
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Creamy Dill Cucumber Salad reviewed by Peckish Sister

18th September 2011

This crunchy cucumber salad has a surprising bite of vinegar and just the right amount of dill. The beautiful juxtaposition of the red onion, pale cucumber, bright green flecks of fresh dill in a white creamy sour cream base is very refreshing. This...
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Carrot Cupcakes reviewed by Peckish Sister

17th September 2011

Delicious carrot cake in a cupcake form. It is not greasy, as oil is replaced with butter. I finely grated the carrots on my box grater as recommended, instead of taking the food processor option and the bright orange color evenly distributed was the...
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