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The Frugal Gourmet on Our Immigrant Ancestors

Recent Reviews

Scottish Eggs reviewed by hipcook

27th January 2019

Pretty solid recipe. I might like a little more advice on good seasonings to add to the sausage. The technique of flouring the hard-boiled eggs to make the sausage stick to them better is genius and I don't know why every recipe doesn't include this trick....
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Polish Stuffed Cabbage (Galumkis) reviewed by hipcook

17th September 2017

Beef Bulgogi reviewed by hipcook

6th June 2016

What a keeper of a recipe! It had never occurred to me that the rich, spicy taste of bulgogi came from a mere 30-minute marinade. My first attempt came out too salty; notice that "sesame salt" is made of far more sesame seeds than salt. I might also play...
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Real Tacos ~ Mexican Style reviewed by pumpkinspice

16th July 2014

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