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Harissa reviewed by hipcook

2nd June 2022

This is a remarkably simple technique for a delicious fiery pepper puree. You can make it with green hot peppers (poblanos and jalepenos are more available to me than fresnos); the color gets muted but the flavor is still delightful. I'm considering draining...
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Korean Street Toast reviewed by hipcook

6th December 2020

Is this "the best egg sandwich" I've ever had? It is not. Is it better than 80% of the omelets I've had, and 90% of the omelets I've made? It is. It's a wonderful exercise in textural contrasts, with soft cabbage, crispy toast, and carrots which still...
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Loaded Butternut Squash reviewed by hipcook

29th October 2020

If, like me, you always seem to end up with more winter squash than you actually want, this is a pretty neat approach. I took some liberties with the recipe, and can report it works pretty well as a technique. Specifically I used tasso instead of ham,...
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Classic Strawberry Shortcake – Thanks, Grandpa! reviewed by hipcook

12th July 2020

This was a delightful and easy shortcake recipe. These shortcakes seemed sturdier than the crumbly ones I often make. (That may be because my dough was too wet, but they turned out fine anyway.)
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