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Ping Gai Chicen reviewed by kaye16

5th August 2019

This was super delicious. My only question is the amount of the chicken. 2-1/2# of boneless meat is a lot for four people. For two, I had 324g, which was slightly over a quarter of what as asked. We both could have eaten a bit more, not that we needed...
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Tomato bisque reviewed by Mary O

12th June 2014

This is an easy, delicious tomato soup. I used a can of crushed fire roasted tomatoes because that was in my pantry. I followed the chef's instructions in the video which are easy but not necessarily quick. First you saute chopped onions and celery with...
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Vanilla ice cream made easy reviewed by Mary O

11th June 2014

This is a very easy recipe because it is a Philadelphia style ice cream - no eggs so no cooking. You simply heat sugar, cream and milk until the sugar is dissolved, add vanilla and then chill several hours before freezing. I did add a pinch of salt which...
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Fast and easy strawberry ice cream reviewed by Mary O

11th June 2014

If you prefer Philadelphia style ice cream to rich egg based ice cream as I do, this strawberry ice cream is for you. Very easy, too, especially if you substitute frozen strawberries for fresh. Chef John used a pint of fresh strawberries, 12 oz. Even...
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