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Recent Reviews

Whole Wheat Pancakes reviewed by hipcook

23rd February 2014

I am not a fan of whole wheat pancakes. Light, fluffy, regular white-flour pancakes are a special weekend treat, reminding me of my parents' love and the pleasures of youth. Whole wheat pancakes, dense and strangely nutty, are enforced moderation; a reminder...
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Phase 1 Biscuit reviewed by hipcook

9th July 2012

This is the recipe from the While Lily flour bag, and it's darn near bulletproof. Why would you bother with anything else?
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Pineapple Upside-Down Cake reviewed by hipcook

25th December 2009

There is one compliment which I prize higher than any other for my cooking: "as good as my grandma's." This recipe got me that compliment. And from a Texan who doesn't normally eat upside-down cake because his grandma's spoiled him for all others. The...
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Buttermilk Pancakes reviewed by hipcook

24th December 2009

This recipe makes high, light pancakes still rich with the flavors of egg and dairy. Plus, I've noticed that most recipes call for less buttermilk than I buy... so either this is a great way to use up the extra buttermilk, or a good reason to make one...
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