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New English Kitchen: Changing the Way You Shop, Cook and Eat

Recent Reviews

Soda Bread reviewed by hipcook

19th March 2017

Nice loaf of bread. Mixed up particularly wet, which was odd for our house and weather; ended up adding a lot of flour to make it workable and a longer bake time to get it fully cooked.
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Trout Pate reviewed by hipcook

31st January 2016

Simple base for a sandwich spread or dip. We used smoked salmon in place of "cooked" trout, and I suspect the lower moisture content is part of why we needed a lot more yogurt and sour cream to reach the texture we wanted.
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Lamb in a Pan with Peas, Mint, and Butter reviewed by hipcook

16th September 2013

I'd never considered stir-fry as a British dish, but this quick and satisfying preparation is exactly that. It's next to the page about using "cheaper cuts", but this was a nice way to put a dent in a leftover leg of lamb. (A different kind of frugality,...
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Braised Sausages with Cider and Hot Potato Salad reviewed by hipcook

25th July 2013

Pleasant technique. Braised sausages take longer than panfried, and you don't get the same browning, but they do require less attention and cook up moist and tender. A quick browning before or after the braise might be called for. I've braised a ton...
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