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The New Chesapeake Kitchen

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Strawberry Rhubarb Shortcake reviewed by hipcook

20th June 2019

Frankly, I still don't love rhubarb. But I do like the fact that the rhubarb puree mixes with the uncooked strawberries in a way that preserves the fresh taste and texture of both, and doesn't go gloppy or overly sweet. The shortcakes are definitely a...
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Shortcake Biscuits reviewed by hipcook

20th June 2019

Excellent shortcakes. Just the right amount of sweetness while still having a good bit of biscuit texture to them. I let the dough get too wet and it was hard to work with, but that's just something to watch for next time.
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Rhubarb Muffins reviewed by hipcook

12th May 2019

I don't particularly like rhubarb or muffins. But it's Mother's Day and my wife and son like both those things, so I roused myself and made them. They were really quite good! The little chunks of rhubarb provide the balance that most bakery muffins seem...
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