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Paleo Cooking with Your Air Fryer: 80+ Recipes for Healthier Fried Food in Less Time

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Eggs Three Ways reviewed by Peckish Sister

26th January 2020

I love their poached eggs - cracked into oiled ramekins, if you make sure there is a thin layer of oil on top, they do not come out dried out on top. I turn them over onto a paper towel to absorb any extra oil before placing them on the serving dish,...
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Buffalo Cauli-bites reviewed by Peckish Sister

26th January 2020

This delicious faux chicken wing dish made from cauliflower is really delicious, but it turns out dripping in too much oil/ghee, so I cut the ghee in half. We have not tried the Paleo ranch dressing recipe.
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Coconut Shrimp reviewed by Peckish Sister

26th January 2020

We have tried several air fryer coconut shrimp recipes but like this the best. It is important to have good quality unsweetened shredded coconut, and this recipe calls for cassava flour, which I find makes the best tasting gluten free recipes. The tropical...
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Simple Bison Balls reviewed by Peckish Sister

26th January 2020

This is a meat-heavy mixture without eggs, milk, breadcrumbs, etc, but does have onion and herbs. I like it for a quick supper. The meatballs cook in a dish in the air fryer covered with a jar of marinara tomato sauce. I find that unless I move them around...
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