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Nigella Express: Good Food, Fast

Nigella Express: Good Food, Fast: member book reviews

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4th January 2010

southerncooker from Boomer, NC

I got this one for my daughter, Sarita's birthday a few years ago. We both enjoy watching
Nigella's show on the Food Network by the same name, Nigella Express.
Recipes from the shows are among the ones in this book. Of course there
are additional recipes that aren't from the shows.

As you can tell from the title the recipes in this book are quick to
make. Even though this is true they are very long on flavor. Not only
is this book fun to read, (like hearing Nigella talk to you), she
includes an interesting note before each recipe, it's also a great one to
cook from.
We've made the Breakfast
Bars p. 94, Croque Monsieur Bake p. 107, Cheddar Cheese Risotto p 176,
and the Doughnut French Toast p. 188.

If you enjoy Nigella Express the show then you'll love this book.
Nigellas brings back the fun to cooking even after you've had a long day
at work or play. This is one I know we'll be trying recipes from often


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