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The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier: member book reviews

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17th May 2012

foodiewife from Monterey, CA

What's not to love about the Pioneer Woman? It was her popular blog that inspired me to start my own. Ree's format in sharing recipe is a step-by-step photo instruction, which I really appreciate. She's a bit of an Ethel Merman with a dash of Erma Bombeck, with a witty style of writing. Most of her recipes are pretty much comfort food-- plenty of butter and heavy cream. Yet, she tosses in some salads and a few healthified recipes. I've made many of her recipes, over the years and they usually turn out really well. Speaking of, many of the recipes I've made are in this new cookbook. I expected that to happen, but since the book was at Costco, and I have a few extra dollars to spend, I decided to buy it anyway. There are a few recipes that aren't on her blog, so I'll work my way through those. Overall, if you like country cookin', butter, beef, heavy cream and vegetables, there's a recipe or two in here that are guaranteed to please.


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