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The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier

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Tangy Tomato Brisket reviewed by southerncooker

12th May 2013

This was great. I put it in the oven to cook overnight. The next morning I cooled it and put in the fridge for our meal the next night. When I was ready to reheat I took it out and sliced it thinly and then reheated in the sauce and let simmer until my...
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Make-ahead Muffin Melts reviewed by southerncooker

22nd April 2013

I really enjoyed these and like the fact you can make the spread ahead of time, keeping it in the fridge until you're ready to eat. She suggest you put them on English Muffins but also gives the option of putting them on bagels which is what I did. I...
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Chicken and Noodles reviewed by southerncooker

2nd April 2013

I watched PW make this recently on her show and knew I had to make this. I found the recipe online and printed off a copy. I was afraid I couldn't find the noodles she used but my local Wal-Mart had them. I love these frozen homemade style egg noodles...
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Simple Sesame Noodles reviewed by southerncooker

21st January 2013

These were good but very garlicky. Next time I think I'll ease up on the garlic a bit. Loved them at room temp and also cold from the fridge.
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