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The Top One Hundred Pasta Sauces

The Top One Hundred Pasta Sauces: member book reviews

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25th April 2010


I was quite surprised that 90% of the recipes in this book call for cream or marscapone (or both). I'm not a fat hater; I'm completely open to cream sauces but where's the variety here? How about more tomato sauces? The sauce I made thus far was quite good. I will continue to try the book here and there, it's just not the end-all pasta sauce book I would have imagined.

(edited 25th April 2010) report

5th January 2010

robing from Vancouver, BC

Two words: rustic beauty.

First of all, the hand-drawn illustrations make each page into a visual treat. It's full of original and simple Italian recipes, using very basic ingredients with an emphasis on freshness.

The book is broken down by main ingredient into multiple sections, and each one begins with a bit of trivia about that particular ingredient or memories of a recipe that the author had in a particular region of Italy.

I love this cookbook.


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