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The Top One Hundred Pasta Sauces

Recent Reviews

Penne con Zucchine—Penne with Courgettes, Mozzarella and Eggs reviewed by kaye16

4th September 2022

Made a half recipe for two. Tasty and fast. - Used some whole wheat penne-like pasta. - It might be nice to cut the zuke differently. Maybe in thicker slices, then into matchsticks. - A sprinkle of red pepper flakes on the sautéing zukes might be nice. -...
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Pasta con Verdura reviewed by kaye16

29th November 2013

Very tasty, hearty pasta dish. - I used homemade whole wheat tagliatelle using Diana Kennedy's recipe for Whole Wheat Pasta. - All the recipes in this book are supposed supposed to serve 4 as a main. I made a half recipe and we will have 3 servings, or...
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Tagliatelle with walnuts and mascarpone reviewed by broadbean

20th October 2011

Quick and tasty.
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Penne or Rigatoni con Zucchine reviewed by kaye16

11th September 2011

Quite tasty, and easy, but the mozzarella didn't want to melt into a sauce. Maybe I should have grated it, or made smaller cubes, but with lots and lots and lots of stirring it ended up a stringy mess that would have been quite acceptable on a pizza,...
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