By Molly Brown
Hardie Grant Books - 2014
ISBN: 1742707351

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Grains: member book reviews (Single Review Display)

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14th September 2015

bunyip from Melbourne, VIC

These days we are inundated with all sorts of seeds, pulses, legumes and grains. Even cooks familiar with a range of lentils and beans can get a bit nervous when trying the latest rages like freekeh or quinoa; for the record I really like the former and think the latter is over-rated.

This book provides a useful guide to the properties and basic preparation of 48 products and 150 recipes, many of which I have found to be rather good.

The recipes are in an unusual style, with ingredients grouped by source - grocer, greengrocer, butcher.

And no, it is definitely not a vegetarian cookbook.


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