By Molly Brown
Hardie Grant Books - 2014
ISBN: 1742707351

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Recent Reviews

Spanish Saffron Rice with Chicken, Chorizo & Peas reviewed by friederike

12th November 2017

Basically Paella, without the seafood. It's very delicious (I probably would have given a four or five star rating), but we made one mistake that made it hard to see if by doing so, we actually remedied a mistake in the recipe. What happened was that...
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Tuna, Anchovy, Semi-Dried Tomato & Cannellini Bean Salad reviewed by friederike

21st July 2017

Similar but slightly more elaborate (and laborious) version of a family recipe. I quite liked it, if only because it was a little different. The dressing didn't work at all, though, or rather: it was way too much. I only made half of it, and even then...
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Spiced Red Lentils with Yoghurt, Coriander and Sesame reviewed by friederike

22nd April 2016

@ bunyip, if you read this, could you do me a favour and check the recipe in your edition? See below. Thanks! === Not the very best I've eaten. In fact, it was quite plain before we added the yoghurt and coriander leaves, and also some mint. It contained...
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Breton tuna and bean gratin reviewed by bunyip

16th October 2014

Why is this dish described as Breton? Who knows. But it is a wonderful no fuss substitute for macaroni cheese. I mean, tinned tuna in a sauce of pureed tinned beans onion and garlic (and a little cream and milk). What's not to like?
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