By Nigel Slater
Fourth Estate - 2006
ISBN: 0007228104

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Thirst: member book reviews

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5th October 2010

wester from Soesterberg, Utr

Smooth and creamy, or fresh and invigorating, or hearty and clean: there's a drink for every mood here, and I find myself using this book almost daily.

Uncomplicated but good suggestions for juices and smoothies. There are a couple of coffee/chocolate type drinks as well, and one alcoholic drink: a Bloody Mary. He will also help you find the right ripeness for juicing as opposed to for eating, from "obscenely ripe" for a mango to "quite a way from perfect ripeness" for a pear.

You will need a juicer and/or a blender for most of the recipes - it actually made me buy a secondhand juicer. It numbers the recipes instead of the pages. Some of the recipes are essentially doubles.

(edited 3rd December 2010) report

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