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About me: Welcome to Cookbooker! I've been cooking for years, and right now I'm especially interested in baking - artisan bread, pizza and various treats.

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January 6th, 2013

Blueberry Muffins from Bouchon Bakery

These were okay muffins, but nothing special. I'd been led by the instructions to believe they would be something out of the ordinary - they have molasses, honey, lots of butter, and rest in in the fridge... read more >

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Fresh: Seasonal Recipes Made with Local Ingredients

By John Bishop
Douglas & McIntyre - 2007

October 29th, 2009 (edited 29th October 2009)

I'm just getting started with this book, so I'll update this as I get more experience, but I can say off the top that it's a beautiful creation - lovely design, interesting looking recipes that take twists on some old favourites as well as going in new directions, and an appealing organization. It's laid out by season, and emphasizes produce found on the West Coast of North America, specifically the Pacific Northwest.

Recipes from John and Dennis Green are interspersed with little pieces about local farms who produce some of the food found in Bishop's Restaurant, and who inspire many of the recipes.

John Bishop is one of those rare chefs who can not only do amazing things in a kitchen but who can also put together a very credible cookbook for home chefs. His previous books have been reliable and accessible and so far this one is too.